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We made a modest beginning with Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication course 35 years ago. The Media landscape nevertheless suddenly started changing at a brisk pace during the post-globalization period. While the Mass Communications marched in full blitzkrieg, majority of media education departments in Indian Universities continued with their hackneyed approach, even as we snatched the initiative by evolving into a research faculty to start enrolling students for Ph.D. in 1994. more...


Quite believably, we are sitting on the edge of a whirlpool of Media activity of all sorts. A perusal of intriguing styles and strategies of Media, with which they are playing with the psychologies of their target audiences, would convince the Media scholars and professionals that we are offering our minds to them on a platter. They are catching us unaware and changing our lifestyles, opinions, attitudes, behavioural and thought patterns, following the movement of an earthworm. more...

Dr. Gurmeet Singh Maan, Director CAMS (Re-employed)




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To acquaint the students
with emerging trends in
the media industry, noted academicians, media
personalities, media
engineers and technocrats
from across the globe, visit CAMS time and again to share their valuable ideas & experiences.