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Quite believably, we are sitting on the edge of a whirlpool of Media activity of all sorts. A perusal of intriguing styles and strategies of Media, with which they are playing with the psychologies of their target audiences, would convince the Media scholars and professionals that we are offering our minds to them on a platter. They are catching us unaware and changing our lifestyles, opinions, attitudes, behavioural and thought patterns, following the movement of an earthworm.

Television, however, is still playing the lead and the Indian Cinema continues to edge out the World Cinema in production volume by more than three times. Both these Media have respelled and redefined the entire world of Mass Communication, rolling out a webworld of uncanny activities, changing in the process the entire arithmetic of economics and our cultural landscape. Considering all this, Punjabi University took the exclusive initiative by evolving a Centre for Advanced Media Studies (CAMS) to start technical, professional, advanced and specialized courses to befittingly train our students for a plethora of jobs awaiting them in the Television and Film world. The idea is to motivate and promote the small town talents, who find themselves haggard and dithered against the pompous styles of their counterparts in big towns.

Opening itself to the vagaries of evolving New Media World Order, Punjabi University has become a happening place, especially for those who feel enamoured by the glittering and gleaming Media game, that all it is about!

Dr. Gurmeet Singh Maan, Director


About Us       |       Courses       |       Faculty       |       Infrastructure       |       Gallery       |       Downloads       |       Activities       |       Student Achievements