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The Mediascape is changing at an unimaginably colossal speed with cross commercial tendencies occupying the driver’s seat. Television, however, is still playing the lead and Bollywood continues to edge out Hollywood in production volume by more than three times. The Media industry is witnessing a whopping 50 per cent growth rate, while the Indian entertainment industry, comprising mainly Television and Cinema, is crossing Rs 50,000 crore-mark. With opportunities in the Print Media now playing the elusive, Television channels on the other hand are mushrooming without waiting for the apposite weather, with acute shortage of skilled Media professionals worrying the owners and producers in Television and Film Industries, Advertising and PR Agencies.

The vision of the students and their parents, on the other hand, is also changing at not an unequal pace. They wouldn’t like to wait for three years to complete their graduation after 12th standard and then find themselves at crossroads with fingers crossed. They would rather look for better options to go in for a highly-productive professional degree, potent of generating lucrative jobs in the fields of Engineering, Medicine or Management. A new option, more valuable, more glittering and more gleaming, nonetheless, has not been coming their way.

 Considering all this, Punjabi University took the ‘exclusive initiative’ by evolving a Centre for Advanced Media Studies (CAMS) to start new kinds of technical, professional, advanced and specialized courses to befittingly train the students for a plethora of jobs awaiting them in the glamourous Television and Film Worlds. .

With a view to produce an improved version of students for higher education, CAMS took another leap forward by launching a three-year B.A. (Hons) Course in Journalism, Mass Communication and Media Technology in 2011.

Also at Post Graduate Level, to encourage research in Audio-Visual Media and New-Age Mass communication, the Centre has started M.A. (TV and Film Production) that is focused on Audio-Visual Media with an intention to promote research, teaching and acumen in these specialized disciplines.

For the first time in the Region, the centre has started an undergraduate course BA TV, Film Production & Media Technology which aims to groom students for tech-intensive industry environment and also prepare them for jump starting a lucrative career in visual media.

Even before completion of their Degrees, the existing students of CAMS have touched new heights. About 50 students of CAMS participated in the Delhi Commonwealth Games as “Media Coordinators” and liaised with Journalists from across the world. They have also participated in shooting of many Bollywood films as Production Assistants and Assistant Directors. Recently 30 of CAMS students worked for over a month with the Unit of Farhan Akhtar starrer film, Bhag Milkha Bhag, Directed by Rakeysh Om Prakesh Mehra. Also many students have done their Internship in the premium Production Houses of Mumbai like Red Chilies Entertainment of Shahrukh Khan.

On campus and off campus Jobs, freelance assignments and scholarships are available for the deserving students.

A glimpse at our various courses and course contents would convince anyone to feel enamoured about what CAMS intends to offer and about our intentions too to excelsior on the happening path of professional media education. Moreover, our ultimate goal is to prepare our students to ‘earn while they learn’ through different means and leave none of the Media contours unfamiliar, unattended and unexplored for them to grab the most lucrative jobs.

Opening itself to the vagaries of evolving New Media World Order, CAMS has become quite a happening place, especially for those who feel captivated by the Media game, that all it is about!


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